When I was a kid taking piano lessons, I had a teacher who wanted me to play Under the Sea from Ariel. I told my teacher I didn’t like that song and I didn’t want to play it. I remember her chuckling and saying, “Well...you have to.”

How kids can learn the songs they actually want to play...
​...way sooner!

Well, I didn’t actually quit. I asked my mom if I could have a different teacher. She was supportive and set me up with another teacher.

This new teacher, a jazz player, taught me to improvise music and basically play whatever I was interested in. I developed a real love of the piano with that teacher and today, I teach my students the first improv exercise he taught me.

So I quit!


The Piano Lab

The Piano Lab Program is an hour long, once a week program for students ages 6-18.

In this program, students learn more songs per week than the average lesson, have an easier time practicing at home, and develop the independence to teach themselves songs they want to play.

  • Students can learn Disney, Star Wars, holiday, pop, and movie music within the first year
  • Double the typical time spent with a music teacher every week
  • All music is learned with the teacher so practice at home is easy
  • Students each move at their own individual pace
  • Students learn how to be independent at the piano
  • Students learn how to write music and make their own versions of songs
  • Students develop skill at the piano much faster. No more getting stuck on one song for weeks
  • Student recitals twice a year with no extra cost

The Student Experience

What you get when you sign up with

Yosemite Music Makers

Weekly, hour long learning session where students will learn their songs to 100% completion making home practice relaxed.

weekly piano lab

Our recital where students get to choose and perform songs they like for their friends and family.

Biannual Student Showcase

All online and automated.
Don’t let life stop the music!

flexible makeup lessons

Online and auto pay available.

easy online payments



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We are currently accepting new students for piano lessons, but space is limited.

If you’re not sure if your child is ready for lessons or if you would just like to try out lessons, ask us about our Free Intro Lesson. You can try out lessons and see if your child will like them and if we’re a good fit.